What it Means to be an Astronaut

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Now I’m sure my readers know what an astronaut does. They go up into space, do experiments and float around in space suits. But here is, in more depth what an astronaut does on Earth and in space.

To Begin

First of all, an astronaut needs to study hard and get into University. In University they need to study even harder and get three degrees, PHD, Masters and Doctorate. From there, after they graduate they have to get into a space programme. A space programme that sends humans into space, of course. They have to go through years of practising with hi-tech gadgets programmed to help future astronauts train for the loss of gravity in space, the loss of pressure in space and the loss of oxygen in space.

The rocket gets built and 3, 2,1 they’re in space. But now here’s what they have to go through in space.

In Space

To eat they have to use packets of food, oddly shaped packets with usually dried food inside. The food is put in categories Russian food, European food and American food. The categories in the catagories are snacks, fruit, nuts, meats and stuff like that. For water – just the same type of packet just with a straw attached to it. In space there is no up, down, left or right so you choose your own right way up. You float but you can learn to control where you go.The sleeping “quarters” are basically a hole with a sleeping bag. In the sleeping quarters there is a computer, a small book shelf [ for your favourite books] and we’ll watch the video down below for more.

If you want to know more watch the video down below. It is one of my personal favourite space videos.

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