The Band Puzzle

Hi everyone.

Once again I have a puzzle.  Now, are you ready?  So there was once a really awesome band who played incredible music.  They had ten members but the thing is they always left their instruments at their gigs.  The manager was sick of picking up their instruments from the venue. So one day he locked all of them in a room and said this…. “Now all of you listen up. I’ve put all of your instruments in boxes with pictures outside. The picture on the outside of the box has a picture of one of the instruments on it. But don’t be fooled by what the picture shows you. Each of you can go out side and open FIVE boxes and five boxes only. You look inside and if your instrument is inside you can take it out.  But here’s the thing, you can not tell the other band members what is inside each box. If all of you find your instruments you can play the gig tonight. But if you don’t the band will have to break up. And if you break one of the rules the band will have to break up as well.

What should they do to keep the band together?  Here’s the answer.  They where thinking for a while until the drummer had an idea. He said “Here’s the plan. Now you go out and open the box that has your instrument on the outside. You open it up and then lets say the guitar is in there, you go to the box with the guitar on the outside. If it’s your instrument on the inside great come back inside. If not then if the keyboards in there then go to the box with the keyboard on the outside. Keep on doing this until either you have opened five boxes or found your instrument”. By doing this you maximise the chances of finding the instrument quicker and keeping the band together.

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