• What is A Solar Physicist?

    What is A Solar Physicist?

    As part of my ongoing written and video series called “What is A…” I contacted Sophie Murray who I met at this years Galway AstroFest and asked if she would like to take part.  I know I keep getting Astrophysicists to talk to but they do specialise in so many areas!  Please read on…. How

  • Ciara Explores Explorium

    Ciara Explores Explorium

    Last Sunday I visited Explorium for the very first time with my Mum and sister.  It had only been open 7 days at that stage and was having a “soft-opening”. I’m not actually sure what that is but they are not properly opening all of the exhibits until January some stage. I have been following

  • Let’s Talk Science Festival 2018 – #ScienceWeek

    Let’s Talk Science Festival 2018 – #ScienceWeek

    Hey everyone. Last week I went to the Rediscovery Centre for the Let’s Talk Science Festival in Ballymun.  The first thing that I noticed was a recycling bin… MADE OUT OF RECYCLED BOTTLES!  I couldn’t believe it. A bin FOR recycling made BY recycling materials. The Rediscovery Centre is the only place in Ireland that

  • My Interview with Midlands Science for Science Week

    My Interview with Midlands Science for Science Week

    I am really looking forward to this years Science Week. Here in the Midlands in Ireland we have the Midlands Science Festival and this year they have roughly 120 events planned just here! This is great time to have kids explore science in better detail and try things out at their events. They are all

  • Science Experiments for the Summer

    Science Experiments for the Summer

    Hi there! Been a while I know, but its been a busy few weeks here as we finish for school this week. My Mum and I are thinking about what to do during the Summer and we have come up with the following list: SciShowKids This is an app to use on your iPhone, suitable

  • The Band Puzzle

    The Band Puzzle

    Hi everyone. Once again I have a puzzle.  Now, are you ready?  So there was once a really awesome band who played incredible music.  They had ten members but the thing is they always left their instruments at their gigs.  The manager was sick of picking up their instruments from the venue. So one day

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