• What Can We Do About Climate Change?

    What Can We Do About Climate Change?

    This year’s #ScienceWeek around the world is going to be about Climate Change, no surprise there. Climate Change, what’s it all about?  For some people it’s deforestation, for others its plastic in the worlds oceans, for others again its bees and endangered animals. For me though its all of these things. Climate Change is a

  • The Cool Planet Experience

    The Cool Planet Experience

    Last week I went to the Cool Planet Experience in Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow. When we went in, one of the first things we (myself and my Mum) saw was….. a giant pufferfish made out of recycled materials found on a beach. For example the spikes on the pufferfish were made of plastic bottles. Then we

  • What is A Marine Climate Scientist?

    What is A Marine Climate Scientist?

    This month I had the pleasure to speak to Dakota Holmes a Marine Climate Scientist who is currently based in NUIG.  Climate Change is the phrase of the year in 2019 and he and his friends are the people to tell us what we are doing to our Blue Dot.  Doing this “What is A…”

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