• Fact Finding the Planets: Neptune

    Fact Finding the Planets: Neptune

    I am pleased to confirm I have now completed my first vlog series with Neptune.  Earlier in May I visited Armagh Observatory and Planetarium and was given permission to film on location for this video.  Thanks so much! The weather was amazing that day and the birds were really loud! We explored the Astro Garden

  • Behind the Scenes at Armagh Planetarium

    Behind the Scenes at Armagh Planetarium

    Since I started writing about my journey in April this year (2018), I have been given a lot of new opportunities. Last month I was sharing my first article about my then latest trip to Armagh Planetarium and the Director of Operations Sinead Mackle read it and contacted me via Twitter! She said that she

  • Space Day in Armagh

    Space Day in Armagh

    Space Day in Armagh I had a fantastic visit at the Armagh Planetarium today.  This morning we left at 8:30 and the journey took two hours but it went pretty fast.  The seating arrangements were slightly different because we have to bring my Nan as well as my Mum, Dad, my sister and myself. We

  • Armagh Planetarium

    Armagh Planetarium

    Firstly, you must have noticed my website has quite a theme. I am passionate about space! I really want to be a scientist/Astronaut when I grow up so I read, watch and go to a lot of things connected to space and science. Next week I am going to one of my favourite places in

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