Six Days Of Science Experiments For Science Week

So, for anyone who doesn’t follow my Youtube channel… wait. You don’t?  Well then, please check out the link to my Youtube channel HERE.

If you haven’t been following my channel lately, last week I did six experiments for my Six Days Of Science Experiments For Science Week.  Each day I picked an experiment and did it in front of the camera. None of them were pre-tested so I had no idea if they would work or not. This blog is all about the experiments, the reason why I chose to do them, the backstory and anything funny that might have happened when I was filming.  So, lets get started.

The Discovery

A little while ago, I was digging around in an old cupboard when I found something I thought I had lost years ago. An Osborne pack of experiment cards. I looked through them and thought “hmm, this would be brilliant for science week”.

The next day I went up to my Mum and asked if I could do a video series for Science Week, with a blog afterwards. My mum thought this a brilliant idea, so I picked some experiments (Science Week started on the day I found the cards so instead of seven days we filmed for six days) and got started.

The Experiments

The first experiment I did was Oily Mixtures, trying to see if you can mix oil and vinegar.  To see the instructions please click on the link above. This was the first one, so I didn’t want to do anything too big. I had some bigger ones planned for later in the week.

My second experiment was another one with a lot of shaking, Making Butter. This one took FOREVER to do (and to be honest, my mum and my sister helped with the shaking).  It smelt a lot like butter, it looked kind of like butter, but it tasted not too much like butter. But beware, after we stopped filming we kept shaking to make it more like butter and after a while it became all bumpy and lumpy. A bit more shaking would sort that out though. If you want to keep your butter, put it into your fridge and it should keep for a couple of days…. If it lasts that long.

Next experiment was Meringue Science. This one ended up as a bit of a failure, but it was fun all the same. This was the first video I had ever done in my kitchen, so it felt a little different compared to the environment I’m used to filming in.

Couple of funny things.  In the clip when I was putting the meringues into the oven the first thing was, I walked the wrong way when turning to put it into my oven. Second thing was when I was putting it in, I kept pausing in the opening and closing of the oven, because I thought my mum was going to stop filming during each of those individual points.

Next up was Words and Pictures. That was the name of the experiment, but I thought that I should try out a variation so instead I did Words and Colours. This one was a lot of fun to do and I had my little sister Megan involved (remember her from Fact Finding The Planets?).  I’ve got to say, she did pretty well considering I didn’t tell her what we were doing until I explained it on video!

Second last we had Rainbow Colour Mixing. This didn’t work exactly as I expected but it still worked out. I got this experiment from Twinkl, an online learning resource pack. This was quite a dramatic experiment but is very satisfying. I loved this because it just looked amazing – plus when my mum is zooming in to the food dye just after I finished putting it in you can see a patch of white that looks a little bit like a skull. If you can see it then put it in the comment section.

Finally, I had Seeing DNA. This one had a lot of waiting around, but it had some very satisfying results. And now the world knows what “Perking” means (something between twerking and perking up).

Behind the Scenes

So other things are I wanted to do was make a balloon rocket and candy crystals instead of the Rainbow Milk thing and the Words and Colours thing but we couldn’t find the right type of balloons and the candy crystals take a couple of days to form. We also had to post our last video on Sunday instead of Saturday because something came up and we couldn’t film it then.

So, that was my Six Days Of Science Experiments For Science Week.

Tell me what your favourite video was and if you spotted the skull. Until next time, Byeeeee

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