Plastic Oceans

Hi everyone.

In school this week myself and my class have been working on posters to help people recognise the plastic sea problem.  Now, I feel like no one really knows much about this particular issue.  This is how the problem happens. Someone buys something with plastic in it [or buys something plastic] they get it out of the packaging and then throw away the plastic.  Did you know only 5% of plastic in the world is recycled?  Did you know that Europe recycles 16% of its plastic and America only recycles 6% of its plastic?

Anyway when people throw away plastic it ends up in land fills, then the land fills fill up [no pun intended] and they overflow and the wind takes them to the beach.  Then the tides take the plastic out to the sea.  Then it gets caught up in currents and where ever the currents are weaker the plastics come together to make “plastic islands”.  Other pieces break down into even smaller pieces and birds and fish end up eating it, which then fills them up and unfortunately one of two things happen.

One thing that happens is that the animal eats so much of it that it ends up dying. The other thing that happens is the fish eats the plastic and a fisherman catches it and then someone eats the fish with plastic in it. So then that means the plastic gets into our food chain.  This means you could have plastic in your body right now! Eugh.  So when ever your buying something, please don’t be afraid to try and find something that isn’t coverd in plastic. Or if your in a cafe ask if they have anything not coverd in plastic.  Or try not to use straws. Did you know that a straw takes a hundred years to break down?

There are hundreds of ways to help the oceans. Why not try to think up a way to help the seas yourself? Leave your idea in a comment.  I’ll be looking for my favourite.  I’ll tell you guys what it is when I find it.  So get thinking and please try and help the environment today. Bye guys 🙂

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