Life at the Edge at Science Gallery Dublin

Earlier on this week I saw an event happening at the Science Gallery Dublin that really interested me. My family and I went along to learn more about it this weekend. The Life at the Edge exhibit has been running since 22nd of June 2018 and finishes the end of this month. Please read the above link to learn more about the exhibit.

This is a prototype of a space suit that scientists hope to use for the Mars missions. This is much different from other space suits and has had input from engineers, scientists, students and also from the public. Watch this space to see the final version when it appears!

Check out this short video of one of the exhibits that Dr Niamh Shaw shared. This is the sleeping quarters space she had to survive in for weeks at the Mars Desert Research Station.

She spent severals weeks completing tasks, rationing food and energy and working alongside 4 other people in this cramped 8 metre space.Among other exhibits she had there included a terrarium and a virtual reality video of some of the team out walking around the area in conducting research, just like they would on Mars.

There was a fascinating exhibit that was alive! It showed how mealworms and Superworms could be used to recycle styrofoam. Looking online it says that this could take from a few years to a million years! It depends on environmental factors. However, as our planet fills every day with more and more rubbish it’s essential that we find more ways to help us clean up and take back our green spaces.

What grabbed me about another exhibit was it said they had turned grass into an Iron Ring. There was a circular display of the the process which took you through the stages. It took you from harvesting the contaminated grass to fixing the ring together. This exhibit has been on display for some time at the gallery and is well worth looking at before it finishes later this month.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and over the few weeks I will bring you to other interesting places to visit!

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