• Having a Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly of LMFM

    Having a Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly of LMFM

    What an amazing start to 2019. Today I spent half an hour with Gerry Kelly in his Late Lunch show on LMFM. This was my very first live radio interview! I was thrilled to talk about my journey so far. If you missed it then please listen in the podcast below:   Hear my podcast

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Mars

    Happy Saturday everyone! Today I am starting a series of videos about the planets in our Solar System. I thought I would start with the one that is being most researched and visited at the moment, Mars. I found out some really fascinating facts about Mars during the research of this video. Please watch and

  • Science Experiments for the Summer

    Science Experiments for the Summer

    Hi there!Been a while I know, but its been a busy few weeks here as we finish for school this week. My Mum and I are thinking about what to do during the Summer and we have come up with the following list:SciShowKidsThis is an app to use on your iPhone, suitable for 4+. It

  • What it Means to be an Astronaut

    Hi everyone. Now I’m sure my readers know what an astronaut does. They go up into space, do experiments and float around in space suits. But here is, in more depth what an astronaut does on Earth and in space.First of all, an astronaut needs to study hard and get into University. In University they

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