• Fact Finding the Planets: Saturn

    Fact Finding the Planets: Saturn

    I have now uploaded my video about the 6th planet in our Solar System, Saturn.  I have learned so much about this planet! I hope you enjoy this video, I used Pexels.com for the videos.  They are credit free and totally free to use! Watch out for my next two videos which will feature a

  • What is an Astrophysicist?

    What is an Astrophysicist?

    As part of my ongoing series on What is A…. I reached out last month on Twitter and asked for someone who was an Astrophysicist.  This is my dream job!  I have wanted to be this for a while now.  So when I heard from the National Space Centre in Leicester and they suggested Tamela

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Jupiter

    Fact Finding the Planets: Jupiter

    This month I am talking about the largest planet in our Solar System.  I really wanted to film this in a place that is seen as protecting its’ local area and it made sense to visit Trim Castle in County Meath. I wanted to pick a location that was big enough to demonstrate what Jupiter

  • Galway Astronomy Festival 2019

    Galway Astronomy Festival 2019

    After a long and wet drive yesterday I arrived at the Galway Astronomy Festival.  It’s my first trip to it but its been running for 15 years! Telescopes The first thing we looked at after we got there was a stand called K-Tec Telescopes.  You might know that for my birthday earlier on this month,

  • What is a Planetary Scientist?

    What is a Planetary Scientist?

    This year I wanted to learn about different types of jobs in Space and Science.  So I asked around and I was given the chance to speak with one of the people currently working on Mars 2020 in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and they sat down and talked to me about what they do. Meet

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Earth

    Fact Finding the Planets: Earth

    Happy Sunday! I have been really looking forward to doing this video as part of my series because I could actually do it on the planet I am talking about!  I am helped this time by someone very special to me!  Please watch the video and share. I really hope you enjoy this series, make

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