• What is A Astronomer?

    What is A Astronomer?

    I put a tweet out a few weeks back to find people to speak to about this series “What is A…” and Roy Alexander of Astro Ventures was kind enough to offer.  Please check out my other interviews! How long have you been a Teacher/Astronomer? Please tell us about the field of study you specialise

  • #Apollo50th: Talking to An Astronaut – Daniel Tani

    #Apollo50th: Talking to An Astronaut – Daniel Tani

    As part of the the #Apollo50th Anniversary this year I really wanted to do something different and celebrate it with someone special. In May of this year I put out a call out on my Twitter account to ask if any of my friends had a suggestion on an Astronaut I could talk too.  I

  • What is A Solar Physicist?

    What is A Solar Physicist?

    As part of my ongoing written and video series called “What is A…” I contacted Sophie Murray who I met at this years Galway AstroFest and asked if she would like to take part.  I know I keep getting Astrophysicists to talk to but they do specialise in so many areas!  Please read on…. How

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Neptune

    Fact Finding the Planets: Neptune

    I am pleased to confirm I have now completed my first vlog series with Neptune.  Earlier in May I visited Armagh Observatory and Planetarium and was given permission to film on location for this video.  Thanks so much! The weather was amazing that day and the birds were really loud! We explored the Astro Garden

  • What is Ciara’s Journey?

    What is Ciara’s Journey?

    I was recently asked by someone at Armagh Planetarium what Ciara’s Journey was all about. It’s mostly a story of my learning about space and science and me sharing what I learn with others.  Usually I share either in videos or blogs. However recently I have been getting written interviews with some amazing people as

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Uranus

    Fact Finding the Planets: Uranus

    This month I visited Birr Castle in Co Offaly to visit the Leviathan of Parsonstown which was once the largest telescope in the world.  It managed to stay that way for 70 years until the Hooker Telescope was built in California in 1917. I was once again joined by my sister Megan and she helped

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