• Galway Astronomy Festival 2019

    Galway Astronomy Festival 2019

    After a long and wet drive yesterday I arrived at the Galway Astronomy Festival.  It’s my first trip to it but its been running for 15 years! Telescopes The first thing we looked at after we got there was a stand called K-Tec Telescopes.  You might know that for my birthday earlier on this month,

  • What is a Planetary Scientist?

    What is a Planetary Scientist?

    This year I wanted to learn about different types of jobs in Space and Science.  So I asked around and I was given the chance to speak with one of the people currently working on Mars 2020 in NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and they sat down and talked to me about what they do. Meet

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Earth

    Fact Finding the Planets: Earth

    Happy Sunday! I have been really looking forward to doing this video as part of my series because I could actually do it on the planet I am talking about!  I am helped this time by someone very special to me!  Please watch the video and share. I really hope you enjoy this series, make

  • Ciara’s Journey End of Year 1

    Ciara’s Journey End of Year 1

    I really hope each year I get to do this kind of blog at the end of it.  It brings me a step closer to understanding what I want to do when I grow up. Since January this year my Mum and I have been travelling more and more to learn about space and science

  • Featured in Astronomy Ireland

    Featured in Astronomy Ireland

    Last month (November) Ann Dunne of Astronomy Ireland got in touch with me and invited me to do an interview for their Christmas Edition!  I was so pleased to see that it was now out and on the shelves of all local/large newsagents and stores!I shared it out on my social media today and I

  • Fact Finding the Planets: Venus

    Fact Finding the Planets: Venus

    What a familiar planet this is for us.  It’s always recognisable in the sky and has many stories attached to it.  How many of these facts did you know before hand? Come back soon for my next video, wait until the end to see what planet I am doing next! Visit my YouTube channel and

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