Book Review: Fun Science by Charlie McDonnell

Hi everyone,

Fun Science Book

Fun Science Book

Today I would like to talk about one of my favourite books ever! It’s called “Fun Science” and it was a birthday present from a friend for my birthday this year.

The book is split up into 10 chapters.  My favourite chapters are the first two, which are called the Universe and the Solar System.  I guess the Elements, the Cell and the Particle are pretty good too.  Charlie McDonnell is the writer and he also has a YouTube channel which is mainly for 13-30 year olds but I have watched some of his shows with my parents and it’s really funny.  He mentions this in the book and well worth looking at!

In the introduction of his book he asks the question WHAT IS SCIENCE? He also asks us to try and find out what science means to us. One person said in the book; “Science is a boring subject which I am forced to suffer through at school” and another person said “Science is a way of looking at and explaining our world. Trying to explain how things happen. Science is continually evolving with new theories created all the time, through never ending trial and error and methodical experimenting” This is the exact definition that Charlie was looking for!The book is easy to read and understand and his Youtube channel is great to follow and correct for the age watching it. Here is his video explaining why he wrote book:

This is a really great book for kids learning about science!

Please let me know what you think of the book and email if you want me to review another book of your choice.

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