• Talking to Mission Control!

    Talking to Mission Control!

    Earlier this week I spoke to a NASA specialist.  Yes, that’s right, I said NASA! To be precise he works for the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasedena. His name is Jordan Evans and he is the Deputy Director for Engineering and Science at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We talked about everything from Mission to Mars

  • Plastic Oceans

    Plastic Oceans

    Hi everyone. In school this week myself and my class have been working on posters to help people recognise the plastic sea problem.  Now, I feel like no one really knows much about this particular issue.  This is how the problem happens. Someone buys something with plastic in it [or buys something plastic] they get

  • The Impossible Puzzle

    The Impossible Puzzle

    Hi everyone. Now for a while I had a puzzle on my mind.  The Impossible Puzzle.  I thought about for a while, and then it suddenly it came to me.  Now listen to this. 2222 -9999 ——— What does it make. It’s easy but it puzzled me for a while. If you want to figure

  • Back to School

    Back to School

    Today myself and every other girl and boy in Ireland went back to school.  For the last two weeks, as most people know, there has been no school as we have been on Easter Break.  It can be hard to go back into school habits, at least I find it hard. Now today in my

  • Space Day in Armagh

    Space Day in Armagh

    Space Day in Armagh I had a fantastic visit at the Armagh Planetarium today.  This morning we left at 8:30 and the journey took two hours but it went pretty fast.  The seating arrangements were slightly different because we have to bring my Nan as well as my Mum, Dad, my sister and myself. We

  • Armagh Planetarium

    Armagh Planetarium

    Firstly, you must have noticed my website has quite a theme. I am passionate about space! I really want to be a scientist/Astronaut when I grow up so I read, watch and go to a lot of things connected to space and science. Next week I am going to one of my favourite places in

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