• An insight of the Insight Launch

    An insight of the Insight Launch

    Hi everyone. Two days ago there was a launch to Mars.  A lot people have been watched it, almost 10 million. But I was a bit disappointed that it showed the rover left the atmosphere and then…. nothing.  Well there was a cartoon image of it and some people talking but I was disappointed that

  • Book Review: Fun Science by Charlie McDonnell

    Book Review: Fun Science by Charlie McDonnell

    Hi everyone, Today I would like to talk about one of my favourite books ever! It’s called “Fun Science” and it was a birthday present from a friend for my birthday this year. The book is split up into 10 chapters.  My favourite chapters are the first two, which are called the Universe and the

  • The Band Puzzle

    The Band Puzzle

    Hi everyone. Once again I have a puzzle.  Now, are you ready?  So there was once a really awesome band who played incredible music.  They had ten members but the thing is they always left their instruments at their gigs.  The manager was sick of picking up their instruments from the venue. So one day

  • Talking to Mission Control!

    Talking to Mission Control!

    Earlier this week I spoke to a NASA specialist.  Yes, that’s right, I said NASA! To be precise he works for the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasedena. His name is Jordan Evans and he is the Deputy Director for Engineering and Science at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We talked about everything from Mission to Mars

  • Plastic Oceans

    Plastic Oceans

    Hi everyone. In school this week myself and my class have been working on posters to help people recognise the plastic sea problem.  Now, I feel like no one really knows much about this particular issue.  This is how the problem happens. Someone buys something with plastic in it [or buys something plastic] they get

  • The Impossible Puzzle

    The Impossible Puzzle

    Hi everyone. Now for a while I had a puzzle on my mind.  The Impossible Puzzle.  I thought about for a while, and then it suddenly it came to me.  Now listen to this. 2222 -9999 ——— What does it make. It’s easy but it puzzled me for a while. If you want to figure

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