Armagh Planetarium

Firstly, you must have noticed my website has quite a theme. I am passionate about space! I really want to be a scientist/Astronaut when I grow up so I read, watch and go to a lot of things connected to space and science.

Next week I am going to one of my favourite places in the world! I am off to Armagh Planetarium up in Northern Ireland.  I go with my family a couple of times a year and never tire of it. We usually spend the whole day there looking at the exhibits, going to the workshops and watching the movies in the dome.

One of my favourite movies has large talking bugs that want to holiday in our solar system! Another one had a museum, a talking robot and magic in it. The rollercoaster is great but my little sister can’t watch it! There is also a really large outdoor park that you can walk through that takes you through the solar system and fab cafe for treats!

I look forward to telling you all about what happens next week and will put up a few select photos for you.  Please tell your friends about my blog and make sure you subscribe to get updates.

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