An insight of the Insight Launch

Hi everyone.

Two days ago there was a launch to Mars.  A lot people have been watched it, almost 10 million. But I was a bit disappointed that it showed the rover left the atmosphere and then…. nothing.  Well there was a cartoon image of it and some people talking but I was disappointed that it didn’t show the rover in space or shooting off to Mars.

But I just talked about the con’s so here are the pro’s. It was totally mesmerising watching it fly up into the sky. The smoke covered the cameras and then when it cleared you caught a glimpse of it shooting up into the sky and I just thought whoa that thing is going to Mars not China, not America, not the Congo. Mars!  So yes I’ve seen a rocket go up before but I’ve never thought about that before.  So please tell me if you saw that and tell me how you felt, who you were with and what you where thinking when you saw it?

Here is the launch just in case you missed it! I wonder what the rover is going to show us here on Earth from there on Mars? It could find a giant pool of water under the surface. Or single cell organsims? Or multiple cell organisms. Or maybe, just maybe Martians?

What Insight is all about But whatever secrets Mars holds I’ll keep you up to date. Bye. 🙂

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