Hi My name is Ciara and I am now 14 years old. My Mum and I set up this page in 2018 to share with other parents and kids my journey – learning about Space and Science. I hope you find these posts useful and learn with me and together we can reach for the skies and fulfil our dreams!

You’re welcome to come back to the page as often as you like or you can subscribe to my blog updates on the home page.  Check out the Testimonial below from Midlands Science!   You can also message me if you want and perhaps make suggestions about things for me to look at by email to hello@ciarasjourney.com.

I have for now stopped posting regularly as I have now started Secondary School in 2020 and of course the Pandemic also prevented me from going to places.  This website won’t be going anywhere for a few years and all details were correct at the time they were printed / recorded and all sourced correctly.

I do hope to come back to this or something like it in the future but my education must come first!

​I have visited various places and have written about what I have learned whilst there. Please look through the blog and if you do visit these places, let them know Ciaras Journey sent you!

​Please find my Privacy Policy to adhere to GDPR.

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Ciara’s Journey is an effective online platform which encourages children to explore science, space and the world around them through the eyes of a child who is enthusiastic and informed about science.

The work of blogging and online engagement is professional, informed and scientifically accurate with a keen eye to current trends, discussions and regional and global issues as appropriate.

The consultation with many stakeholders is to be commended as it ensures the quality of what is produced is very appropriate and engaging for its intended audience.

We have been pleased to have Ciara participate in our climate change movie this year (2019) for Science Week and are encouraged to see how she engages with so many people in science.

This is the spirit of co-creation and citizen science which is stressed as being vital to impactful STEM outreach. She is creating interesting and engaging content for her peers and we wish her every success in wherever her journey takes her next.

Jackie Gorman, Midlands Science


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