7 Days of Science for #ScienceWeek2020 – Days 1-7

During this years Science Week I created 7 separate and short video’s with some facts about Chemistry, Biology, Physics and more!  All the facts are suitable for Primary School aged children.

Last year I celebrated 6 days of Science (as I was sick for 1!) and last year I was also  in a position to get materials together to get science experiments done.  I know its not easy to do that this year in Lockdown so instead decided to do facts.

Hopefully this time next year after Lockdown here in Ireland we can share some more experiments to try at home! If you enjoy these videos please share and give me a thumbs up!

On Day 1 – Why Cats Land on their feet and Triple Point

https://youtu.be/-ZZlxK61g5A Day 2 – Butterflies and where they taste and Metals that explode with water

https://youtu.be/v0kvREaW2g8 Day 3 – A giant magnate and corrosive substances

https://youtu.be/wrR5EBC2C6c Day 4 – How heavy clouds are and what’s really in a Camels hump!

https://youtu.be/750IyIpLqKM Day 5 – My sister talks about flames and I talk about Uranium

https://youtu.be/4DPz_O1JT7E Day 6 – What are Genomics and our nearest relations and how we hear

https://youtu.be/ra9ozXiJ0K4 Day 7 – The smallest and fastest Terminal Velocity recorded and how many different branches of Science there is.

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