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  • Mayo Dark Skies Festival 2019

    Mayo Dark Skies Festival 2019

    Earlier on in 2019 I went to Galway AstroFest for the first time with my Mum.  It was a brilliant event and I got to meet a lot people.  One of them was Fiona Hopkins the organizer of Mayo Dark Skies Festival which is where I have just got back from over the last weekend. 

  • What Can We Do About Climate Change?

    What Can We Do About Climate Change?

    This year’s #ScienceWeek around the world is going to be about Climate Change, no surprise there. Climate Change, what’s it all about?  For some people it’s deforestation, for others its plastic in the worlds oceans, for others again its bees and endangered animals. For me though its all of these things. Climate Change is a

  • What is A Geomicrobiologist?

    What is A Geomicrobiologist?

    Only a few months left now to finish my interviews!  I have been so lucky to have such a varied amount of people speak to me about what they’re passionate about.  I have learnt so much about possible careers!  This month I am speaking to Eric Mumper who works out of Ohio State University. How

  • What is a Numerical Astrophysicist?

    What is a Numerical Astrophysicist?

    This month I had the chance to speak to someone in Italy!  So far I have interviewed people in Ireland, England and America.  Franco was kind enough to offer to speak with me via a Twitter campaign a few months back now.  Thanks so much! Tell us about yourself Franco? My name is Franco Vazza,

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